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Muscle Cramps: Symptoms, Causes, Risks & Treatment

Symptoms A muscle cramp refers to an uncontrollable and painful spasm of a muscle. Cramps can last for different amounts of time and generally resolve by themselves. Although any muscle can experience a cramp, typically, the muscles of the calf and foot are most pron...

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Sporting Injuries: Types & Treatment

With over one million sports injuries occurring each year, this article will be essential if you plan to be actively participating in sports. Types of Sporting Injuries Some of the most common types of sporting injuries include muscle strains, stress fractures and...

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Therapeutic Massage Rubs: Free Yourself From Muscle Pain

Soft Tissue Injury Soft tissue injuries refer to damage to muscles, tendons and ligaments. When playing sport, these are the most common injuries. Soft tissue damage can be avoided with proper means of prevention. Warming up before any type of physical activity is an...

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