Michael’s Prim-E Cream and Prim-E with Sunscreen

  • I used Prim-E for dry areas on my face and hands for 6 days. I am very pleased as the dryness has virtually gone.

    B Carrol
  • I love that it is not oily. It is great on dry skin.

    H Nixon
  • Thank you! For the last 7 years I had suffered badly with a facial rash. I finally got help from a Dermatologist who diagnosed it to be a form of dermatitis. The only cream I can only put on my face is Micheal’s Prim-E and Olivara Skin Lotion.. And when my skin does flare up, the cream actually takes the burn out of it. So a big thanks goes out to you!

    M Campbell
  • I am absolutely thrilled with Michael’s Prim-E Cream. Most hand creams dry my skin out after a while but yours leaves a lovely soft, lasting smoothness which no other product can achieve. At a reasonable price as welll! Thanks so much from a happy customer!

  • This is an inexpensive little gem that provides hydration without leaving your face oily. If you’ve never really bothered with daily moisturisers, Prim-E is a great start!

    Gillian O’Meagher, Beauty Editor – The West Australian Newspaper
  • I love Michael’s Prim-E Cream with Sunscreen. It’s light on my skin, rubs in well and leaves your skin smooth, not too greasy and feeling fresh with that lovely soft fragrance. The sunscreen is a great extra bonus! Well done!

  • I recently purchased Medi Rub for my mum and you kindly sent me a gift of Prim-E. I have just finished radiation treatment and it is at its worse. However, within 3 days of using Michael’s Prim-E I have had remarkable improvement! Tomorrow I am going to show the nurses at ROQ how well Prim-E has healed and give them your details. I will continue to use your product! Many thanks.

    V Massey