Aloe Vera Gel

Sunburn & Aloe Vera Gel

What is Sunburn? Sunburn is the skin’s reaction to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. It is very dangerous as UV rays cannot be seen or felt, and can damage the skin even when it is cloudy. In Australia, the effect of UV rays can take place in a matter of minut...

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Essential Makeup Tips: Moisturising

Hydration, both internal and topical, has many purposes in both maintaining optimum skin condition and prolonging the effects of any product applied on top of it. Moisturising, as well as the use of a serum, eye cream and/or facial oil is a guaranteed way to bala...

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Aloe Vera, the alternative medicine for asap skin care.

What is Aloe Vera Gel? Gel of Aloe Vera (Juice). Aloe Vera Gel is aloe vera juice in a cooling and refreshing gel base that provides relief from sunburn, dry skin and skin irritation. It is a soothing and non-greasy natural moisturiser, which is absorbed easil...

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