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Bernd Adolph (Subiaco Sports Massage Clinic – Owner & Head Masseur, Perth Wildcats – Team Masseur 1992 – 2000, Commonwealth Games – Australian Team Masseur 1998, Sydney Olympic Games – Australian Team Masseur 2000)

I have been using Michael’s Medi Rub on the Perth Wildcats and on members from the Olympic Althelete Program for a period of 3 months with great success.
Michael’s Medi Rub is particurlary useful in applying Myofascial release techniques, and has been used in a variety of conditions from muscular strains and sprains, ligament sprains, tendonitis and arthritis. Michael’s Medi Rub absorbs well into the treated tissues and lends itself for treatment of any soft tissue disorder.
We are also finding that an increasing number of clinic clients purchase the small 75g tubes for home use, to apply during pain periods with arthritis, other muscular ailments or during heavy training periods.
We will certainly include Michael’s Medi Rub in the future as an adjunct to our treatments and can without doubt recommend it to other soft tissue therapists, physios or the general public.