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Faye W

My son is 4 months old and had suffered cradle cap and eczema behind his ears, on his cheeks, forehead, chin and behind his neck for more than 2 months. After having tried countless creams/lotions/corticosteroid and even following the Australian Society of clinical immunology and allergy – as well as GP Pharmacist recommendations – nothing worked. I have constantly been recommended by Mums to use Olive Oil, but I was never keen on this. So as an alternative I searched for an “Olive Oil based” product. This is how I came across Michael’s Olivara Skin Cream. My son’s eczema/cradle cap was quite extensive, horrible in appearance and SUPER itchy. IN JUST 3 DAYS YOUR OLIVARA SKIN CREAM CURED HIM! It is a miracle before myself and my family’s eyes to see how my son’s skin is now supple, smooth and absolutely flake free. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!