The Science

Formulated by Pharmacists

Michael’s Products originate from a rich history combining pharmacy knowledge, research and customer trials. Father and son, Les and Michael Spartalis, began developing the products while working at their Kingsley Pharmacy in 1998. The goal was to combine pharmaceutical and natural concepts to create a therapeutic product that worked without containing any harsh or harmful ingredients.

With years of pharmacy experience and firsthand accounts of what customers needed in their health care products, the very first product formulas were made in the pharmacy and sold to loyal customers.

Being so close to the customers who used the very first Michael’s Products allowed plenty of feedback which helped refine and improve the formulas. For this reason, since their inception, Michael’s Products has been committed to the customer’s experience.

Les Spartalis

Les Spartalis has been a trusted Community Pharmacist for over 50 years. Over this period, Les has received recognition for his work as a preceptor for aspiring pharmacists, for educating and training both Curtin and UWA students.

His extensive knowledge and experience were a key pillar in the formation of Michael’s Products. Along with his son, Michael, Les strived to create the best therapeutic product formulas based on pharmaceutical medicine and natural ingredients.

By managing his own pharmacy for decades Les has developed a strong relationship with his community. Many of his loyal customers played a vital role in trialling the very first products created by Michael and Les, as well as providing feedback which has ultimately made the products what they are today.

Michael Spartalis

Michael Spartalis was born in Western Australia and graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Pharmacy. He was awarded ‘Trainee of the Year’ and graduated with distinction in 1993. Michael commenced a career in community pharmacy and now operates three pharmacies in the Perth metropolitan area. Michael is an accredited Pharmacist with some innovative, unique ideas and a strong vision.

Michael currently assists the Pharmaceutical Society of Western Australia (PSWA) with education and examination of final year students as well as conducting lectures for Pharmacists. He was also awarded PSWA Preceptor of the Year in 2012 for his contribution to the education of final year pharmacy students.